February Days List 2019 – February special days list Valentine Week

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February Special Days List 2019

The month of February is full of special days. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day 2019 on 14th February. And the days are all revolving around the ‘Festival of Love.’ Valentine’s Day is not your one-day extravaganza but are divided into Valentine Week and Anti-Valentine Week days. Come February, and everyone is excited about knowing about these days and dates, this year is no different. We bring to you the Valentine Week 2019 date sheet along with Anti-Valentine 2019 schedule to enjoy the month of ‘love and hate’ in equal measure. It is a full list of days beginning from February 7th and last until February 21st. It will include dates of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Valentine’s Day, Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and Break Up Day.

Valentine’s Week Days List 2019, Calendar, Date Sheet of Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Promise, Hug, Teddy and Kiss Day: Valentine’s Week Days List 2019, Calendar and Date Sheet: For those in love, the much-awaited Valentine’s Week is all about special gifts and messages exchanged with their loved ones. Beginning February 7, the week-long celebrations start off with Rose Day and end with Valentine’s Day on February 14. Erstwhile, observed in honour of Saint Valentine, these days the festivities have taken on a new meaning.

Do you have the Valentine’s week 2019 date list? If not, don’t worry, we have you covered.

February Days List / Extended Valentine Week List

  • 07 February 2019: Rose Day
  • 08 February 2019: Propose Day
  • 09 February 2019: Chocolate Day
  • 10 February 2019: Teddy Day
  • 11 February 2019: Promise Day
  • 12 February 2019: Hug Day
  • 13 February 2019: Kiss Day
  • 14 February 2019: VALENTINE’S DAY
  • 15 February 2019: Slap Day
  • 16 February 2019: Kick Day
  • 17 February 2019: Perfume Day
  • 18 February 2019: Flirting Day
  • 19 February 2019: Confession Day
  • 20 February 2019: Missing Day
  • 21 February 2019: Break Up Day

Rose Day:

Rose day is the first day of valentines week. On this Rose Day, Love Couples share Roses to each other. All over the world, Rose Day is celebrated on Feb 7th.

Propose Day:

Propose Day is the second day in valentines week. On this day many love couples propose each other and many people are waiting for propose day to propose their crush, lovers, and wives. And Propose Day is on Feb 8th

Chocolate Day:

Chocolate Day is the third day in valentines week list. Girls like Chocolate day. On this day Boys meet their girlfriends and surprises with sweet chocolates. Chocolate Day is on Feb 9th.

Teddy Day:

Teddy Day is the fourth day in valentines week list. This day is also for girls who likes teddy bears a lot. On this day Boys present Teddy as a gift to their girlfriends. Teddy day is on Feb 10th.

Promise Day:

Promise Day is the fifth day in valentines week list. On this day couples promise to do something or to stop something. On this day both the couples, boys and girls will do promise. Promise Day is on Feb 11th.

Kiss Day:

Kiss Day is the sixth day in Valentine’s week list. Kiss day is the most favorite day for many couples. On this day couples kiss to each other. Kiss Day is on Feb 12th.

Hug Day:

Hug Day is 7th and last day before Valentine’s day. This is also the most favorite day to all the lovers. In the name itself, we can understand on this day couples share hugs to each other.

Slap Day:

Slap day is the first day after valentines day. After Proposing girl/boy if they reject they have to express with a slap. Slap Day is on Feb 15th.

Kick Day:

After Slap Day if Boy/Girl propose again then they can kick in their stomach or anywhere. This is the worst day any lover would not like this day. Kick Day is on Feb 16th.

Perfume Day:

After Kick Day lovers celebrate Happy Perfume Day. On this day Lovers share Perfumes to each other. Perfume Day is on Feb 17th.

Flirting Day:

Feb 18th is Happy Flirting Day. On this day Boys, flirt with their Girlfriends and Girls flirt with their Boyfriends.

Confession Day:

Feb 19th is Confession Day. If in a loving couple they do anything wrong they have to confess on this day. Many love couples are waiting for Confess their wrong things.

Missing Day:

On missing Day people who are missing their loving ones they will be remembered on this day. Missing Day is on Feb 20th.

Break Up Day:

Break Up Day is the last day in Valentine’s week. On this day people celebrate their Break Ups with their friends. Break Up day is on Feb 21st.