Vallabhbhai Patel Quotes – An Indian barrister & statesman

Top 33+ Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Quotes on Freedom, Success, Education, Community – Most Powerful Quotes by Iron Man of India : We share best famous slogan and quotes of All time on Community, Student, Education, Love, Peace, The Change, Government, Youth and Success by An Indian barrister & statesman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Vallabhbhai Patel

An Indian barrister & statesman

Vallabhbhai Patel (31 October 1875 – 15 December 1950), popularly known as Sardar Patel, was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India. He was an Indian barrister and statesman, a senior leader of the Indian National Congress and a founding father of the Republic of India who played a leading role in the country’s struggle for independence and guided its integration into a united, independent nation

Statue of Unity : As a memorial to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the statue will not only remind every individual of our great nation’s freedom struggle but will also inspire the people of our country to inculcate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s visionary ideologies of unity, patriotism, inclusive growth and good governance.

Born 31 October 1875, Nadiad
Died 15 December 1950, Mumbai
Full name Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel
Education Middle Temple
Nicknames Bismarck of India, Strong (Iron) Man, Sardar, Iron Man Of India
Bharat Ratna (1991)

Vallabhbhai Patel Quotes List

Non-violence has to be observed in thought, word and deed. The measure of our non-violence will be the measure of our success. — Vallabhbhai Patel

The negligence of a few could easily send a ship to the bottom, but if it has the wholehearted co-operation of all on board it can be safely brought to part. — Vallabhbhai Patel

There is something unique in this soil, which despite many obstacles has always remained the abode of great souls. — Vallabhbhai Patel

It is the prime responsibility of every citizen to feel that his country is free and to defend it freedom is his duty. Every Indian should now forget that he is a Rajput, a Sikh or a Jat. He must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in his country but with certain duties. — Vallabhbhai Patel

My only desire is that India should be a good producer and no one should be hungry, shedding tears for food in the country. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Manpower without unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Faith is of no evil in absence of strength. Faith and strength, both are essential to accomplish any great work. — Vallabhbhai Patel

It is in my nature to be a friend of the friendless — Vallabhbhai Patel

A war based on Satyagraha is always of two kinds. One is the war we wage against injustice, and the other we fight our won weaknesses — Vallabhbhai Patel

Take to the path of dharma – the path of truth and justice. Don’t misuse your valour. Remain united. March forward in all humility, but fully awake to the situation you face, demanding your rights and firmness. — Vallabhbhai Patel

By common endeavor we can raise the country to a new greatness, while a lack of unity will expose us to fresh calamities. — Vallabhbhai Patel

We have to shed mutual bickering, shed the difference of being high or low, develop a sense of equality and banish untouchability. We have to restore the conditions of Swaraj prevalent prior to British rule. We have to live like children of the same father. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Little pools of water tend to become stagnant and useless, but if they are joined together to form a big lake the atmosphere is cooled and there is universal benefit. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Even if we lose the wealth of thousands, and our life is sacrificed, we…should keep smiling and be cheerful keeping our faith in God and Truth. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Independent India’s leaders will neither use a foreign language nor rule from a remote place. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Homoeopathy is supposed to work miracles. — Vallabhbhai Patel

No one would starve in independent India. Its grain would not be exported. Cloth would not be imported by it. Its leaders would not use a foreign language and finding justice in it would be neither costly nor difficult. — Vallabhbhai Patel

One can take the path of revolution but the revolution should not give a shock to the society. There is no place for violence in revolution. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Ours is a non-violent war, It is Dharma YUDDHA. — Vallabhbhai Patel

The main task before India today is to consolidate herself into a well-knit and united power. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Religion is a matter between the man and his Maker. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Caste, community will rapidly disappear. We have to speedily forget all these things. Such boundaries hamper our growth. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Two ways of building character – cultivating strength to challenge oppression, and tolerate the resultant hardships that give rise to courage and awareness. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Happiness and misery are paper balls. Don’t be afraid of death. Join the nationalist forces, be united. Give work to those who are hungry, food to invalids, forget your quarrels. — Vallabhbhai Patel

No distinctions of caste and creed should hamper us. All are the sons and daughters of India. We should all love our country and build our destiny on mutual love and help. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties.  — Vallabhbhai Patel

Today we must remove distinctions of high and low, rich and poor, caste or creed. — Vallabhbhai Patel

It is only so long as a man can retain the child in him that life can be free from those dark shadows which leave inevitable furrows on a man92s forehead.  — Vallabhbhai Patel

In a domestic Government unity and co-operation are essential requisites.  — Vallabhbhai Patel

Satyagraha is not a creed for the weak or the cowardly.  — Vallabhbhai Patel

Tell Churchill to save England first before saving India.  — Vallabhbhai Patel

Your goodness is impediment in your way, so let your eyes be red with anger, and try to fight the injustice with a firm hand.  — Vallabhbhai Patel